Southwest Wisconsin Cornish Society

The Southwest Wisconsin Cornish Society was organized in 1991. The purpose of the Society is to "preserve our Cornish heritage, to preserve our Cornish identity, and to strengthen our ties with our Cornish relatives and friends." Another purpose is to educate visitors and local folks alike, of the history and uniqueness of the Cornish presence in Mineral Point and Southwest Wisconsin.

The Society meets twice a year. A St. Piran's Day meeting – usually the first weekend in March, and the Annual Meeting held the first Sunday in May. Special meetings may be called if someone from Cornwall is visiting the area.

Annual dues are $10 individual; $12 family; $15 foreign; $100 annual sustaining; and $150 lifetime – all of which include a quarterly newsletter.

Anyone interested in joining. may contact Marion Howard, Membership Chair, 604 Keep St, Darlington, WI 53530.

Kernow bys vykken!

(Cornwall forever!)


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