Redruth, CornwallIn the 1840s, thousands of people from England immigrated to Iowa County. Approximately 15,000 of them came from Redruth, in Cornwall, creating a strong Cornish heritage. In recognition of that heritage, a Twinning Association has been established which links the City of Mineral Point with the City of Redruth. This was formally instituted in Redruth in the spring of 1996 and at the Gundry House, Mineral Point, July 1997.

The objectives of the Twinning Association are to recognize and strengthen the historic relationship that exists between our two communities, to preserve and enhance our common culture and heritage through the exchange of information, the sharing of ideas and materials and by encouraging visits between our communities. Cornwall students come here and our students visit Cornwall in a cultural exchange.

The two communities share a common history based in mining. In Redruth, tin mining followed by copper mining helped establish it as the former capital of the largest mining area in Britain.

Likewise, mining was the reason for Mineral Point's early growth as a center of commerce and its distinction as a leader in the political development of Wisconsin.


Kernow bys vykken!

(Cornwall forever!)


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